root canals

Are root canals really scary? Here are 5 reasons to NOT be afraid. 

Somehow, root canal therapy (RCT) has gained a reputation for being painful and invasive. Because of this, many people fear root canals. However, these fears may be unfounded.  At Chisholm Trail Smile Center, Dr. Matthew Bridges ensures all of his patients receive the most comfortable restorative treatment available. Our team is compassionate and willing to…

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“How long do dentists go to school?” And Other FAQs about Dental Training

Maybe you’re interested in becoming a dentist. Maybe you’re looking for a top dentist with a great education and credentials. Or maybe you’re just curious about your practitioner’s background and training. Dentists receive a rigorous education to practice general dentistry. To offer specialized care, such as cosmetic dentistry or sleep apnea treatment, they undergo further…

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Young woman in yellow sweatshirt with clenched fists

Afraid of dentists? We Can Help!

Fear of dentists can have momentous consequences for your life. Even moderate anxiety can make routine general dentistry treatment a major headache. And if you suffer from dental phobia, you may not be willing to visit the dentist at all. Fortunately, your Duncan dentist understands dental anxiety and offers compassionate, non-judgemental treatment.  At Chisholm Trail…

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