deep cleaning dentist looking at bleeding gums

How a Deep Cleaning Dentist Could Save Your Smile

As part of our ongoing endeavors to help patients attain and maintain their healthiest smiles, we recommend preventative dentistry checkups and teeth cleanings. Although one of our skilled dental hygienists can remove caked-on plaque through routine dental cleaning, scaling and root planing is a more thorough cleaning procedure. Dental professionals use scaling and root planing…

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Woman smiling because of experienced implant dentist

Implant Dentist Answers, “Do implants hurt?” and other FAQs

An implant dentist is at the forefront of restorative dentistry and can offer the latest tooth replacement options. Dental implants replace missing tooth roots, meaning the attached restorations are more secure and lifelike than older, removable dental prosthetics. They also offer important, long-term benefits for your oral health. If you are considering dental implants, you…

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